Mid-Peninsula Bank

On October 9, 1997, Mid-Peninsula Bank (MPB) celebrated its tenth anniversary. Along the way to this landmark event, the Bank quickly outpaced competing financial institutions, earned a reputation for providing its clients with the highest level of service, and consistently outperformed its peers. Its bankers are relationship-driven which helps them better understand clients needs. Officers are empowered to make decisions locally and quickly act upon them. Personalization of services, another trademark of Mid-Peninsula Bank, allows bankers to tailor products on a case-by-case basis, rather than forcing every client into predetermined products.

In April 1999 Mid-Peninsula Bank opened a division in Walnut Creek - Greater Bay Bank Contra Costa Region. Another division, Greater Bay Bank Fremont Region, located in Fremont was opened in October 1999. Both divisions are full service offices offering all the opportunities provided through Greater Bay Bancorp.

In the true spirit of a community bank, Mid-Peninsula Bank and its divisions, invest in the local economy. Loans are seldom made out of the area or state. Commercial and private banking loans, as well as loans to real estate developers and investors in commercial and residential construction, all contribute to the continued success of the Bank's communities.

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