Paine Webber

UBS PaineWebber: A New Name, A Continuing Commitment

Since its founding in 1879, PaineWebber has undergone many significant changes while becoming one of the country's preeminent financial services firms.

But perhaps no event has had as profound an impact as the merger in 2000 between PaineWebber and UBS AG, one of the world's leading global financial services firms.

We are now UBS PaineWebber, with expanded capabilities and resources to help our clients make investment decisions that are appropriate for them. Organizationally, we are part of UBS Warburg, a division of UBS recognized as a world leader in research. Our clients, working with their Financial Advisor, have access to the insight of 600 research analysts covering 4,000 companies, as well as UBS Warburg's institutional prowess in areas such as global securities and foreign exchange. But while our name has changed, there's one thing that hasn't: our commitment to create personalized investment solutions for each client.

New capabilities. New resources. New strength. These are why we believe investors will say

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